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Friday, November 5, 2010

along the road...

hazy is how i see the line
the good and the bad i have yet to find
the future i much so seek
yet with every step i take is weak
the forces of the world try to pull me down
i'm the king of nothing without a crown
the dark seem empowering and strong
with forces i could never go along
flashes of red parade infront of me
this rage i now seem to be
the beauty of pure has disappeared
the taste for hate i much so feared
has taken over the pureness of late
with all strength that seems so great
i cannot control nor keep it at bay
creating havoc within in every way
to this new found life i seek escape
from the darkness, the light seems to gape
take me out of this chaos
the battle i feel i have lost.

*musings of a confused mind

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