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Monday, November 22, 2010


i am now burdened with a dilemma and a ton of hurt feelings i much greatly acquired from so-called important people in life. it was a great pleasure knowing who you really are and how you all star your own show. i am in awe at how masterfully everything has been played out. i can't help but give you all a standing ovation in a one scene act of a play about me, with me as your audience. i am grateful that somehow you have paid much attention and careful deliberation of how all this drama is going to be played.

somehow i can put myself to blame in this scenario, and yes who else should be blamed in your eyes. i am sorry im not cut to be what you call an equal. and i am sorry i can't keep up or go with how you all roll. and i am sorry that i am much less of a person than you. and i am sorry for blocking your view and being a nuisance.

i am immensely thankful to you and you and you.. congratulations at the effort on making me look like a fool. and thank you for dipping my self-esteem on an all-time low. show's over..

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