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Thursday, February 3, 2011

taken using: nokia c3-00; edited using picnik.com

routine. that has become my life since i took a post in a part of the world i swear i wouldn't be but i still am. i swore i would change everything this year but i guess i said my word too early and i quit too soon to realize the life i would miss. but hey, i'm not complaining (well, i am, a bit). i get this and i get that. at least i am still employed and with the help of God i will be creating a miracle in a month's time. i grew my abdominal area a lot bigger than expected. i get backaches a lot often than i would have wanted. i get up at 7am, get ready for work, get to work, get stuck in mandaue traffic (cursing it), get to work late, work at my desk for most of the time, get ready to leave for home, go home, dinner and sleep. everyday ho-hum. weekends are a total different story. i am my impulsive self once again! i roam the streets, i roam the malls, i chill at bars but what i really love is listening to the waves, embracing the calm and silence the beaches of cebu has to offer. i know i work by the beach but that's a totally different story. leaving your brains in the office and your worries for tomorrow, PRICELESS. it's an utter touch of heaven i would love to disappear in...

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