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Sunday, September 12, 2010

and there is one more...

i miss you!
photo taken by yours truly. sinulog 2010.
edited using www.picnik.com

for nashmi.

i met this silent lady october 2008. she kept silent while i was blabbering the night away. i was a different character on an online site, she was quite my opposite. i never thought back then i can be really close to this person because i had my own sinister world and hers was beautiful and peaceful. but i guess it was fate that brought me and her together, to build a friendship a lot of people would be envious of.

of course we have a few very good friends, close to us whom we share this kind of friendship with (juana i will make a separate one for you) but this one in particular touched my life more than one way. i cannot recall what brought us so close but i want to say that because of that, my life turned 360. we cheer each other up by being each others' shoulder to cry on. we make these trips to places to eat, to talk, to bewilder ourselves and to spend good time together.

warm brownie cups at la marea, chicken chicharon and tanduay ice at iamik's. ginabot ang ngohiong across JY. GPS and dancing at vudu. pictures. conversations. i miss them all since she left. admittedly, i feel a void in my life for her not being here. we make up for it for skype chats, ym conferences, texts of which i can't catch up now on my busy schedule. i miss this very very dear friend of mine. laughing without her isn't the same. sharing my woes to her was my pain and stress reliever. i miss her through this distance. but i know, in our hearts we are beside each other and will be there for each other.

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