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Saturday, September 11, 2010

a tribute to the people i owe much to

smallest minds
 photo: smallest minds year 1 in Argao. edited using picnik.com. using orton-ish, focal B&W, softening and vignette

SMALLEST MINDS: mark, majoy, mae, jason, kachiri, (yours truly), cheeky, polvie, eva, bibo, archie, gabe, bella

it's been a rocky 5 years, running on 6 (i wasn't there on the 5th anniversary). i always felt i was the odd one out, slacking, doing weird stuff, disappearing and neglecting these people. but you know what was amazing? when i turn to them, they're still there, of course they'd scold me or talk to me about what i did, but that was all out of sheer concern.

i met these random people, two from highschool and the rest from college. who would have thought we would all be celebrating 5 years of nonsense jokes, deep conversations, heartfelt hugs and meaningful tears? i guess, we all did. we did think that we would sit and reminisce together with our canes and all. they're the ones for keeps, you know. i owe much of my strength, wisdom, smiles, happiness and childlike ignorance to them. i still love spending time with all of you, i wish i could turn back time and change what has been done. i could only live with regrets. i wish i could spend more time with them. i wish i could catch up. i love these people

i ♥ smallest minds

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